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Uploader Error 105 - Invalid file type
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Bob Schaefer
2 Posts
Sep 28, 2012 - 4:56 pm

I’ve encountered this error (Error 105 – Invalid file type) when attempting to upload MP3s to a forum on my site. Other file types upload properly, and even other MP3s – this only occurs for certain files, but I can’t figure out what about the files is causing them to be rejected.

So far the ones that have been rejected have been MP3 conversions made online at http://solmire.com/, and by locally with the converter from http://mp3-converter.me/.

I’ve included below what Simple Press is showing for my settings. (I know that mp3 is listed under the allowed files rather than media types – I tried switching them the first time this didn’t work. Doesn’t seem to make a difference. They’re rejected as invalid either way.)

I’m attaching one of the files (zipped, of course) in case that helps anyone determine the problem. In the meanwhile, I’ll resort to sharing them on Dropbox and posting links in the forum.

Thanks for the help!

Image upload constraints: Size (bytes):  unlimited Width (pixels):  unlimited Height (pixels):  unlimited
Image allowed types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png
Media upload constraints: Size (bytes):  unlimited Width (pixels):  320 Height (pixels):  240
Media allowed types: swf, dcr, mov, qt, mpg, mp4, mpeg, avi, wmv, wm, asf, asx, wmx, wvx, rm, ra, ram
File upload constraints: Size (bytes):  unlimited
File allowed types: txt, rtf, doc, pdf, mid, docx, xls, xlsx, mp3
Mr Papa
Simi Valley, CA

19448 Posts
Sep 28, 2012 - 5:08 pm

the difference between having it in media vs files will be how it is presented in the forum… media will be embedded and can be played… as file, it will only be downloadable…

are you sure the extensions match? including case? .mp3 is different than .MP3 for example…

Bob Schaefer
2 Posts
Sep 28, 2012 - 5:38 pm

Hi, Mr Papa…

Thanks for the reply.

The files’ extensions are lowercase, same as the settings. (Although it does seem unhelpful that the uploader would reject a file because the extension is the wrong case. What’s the benefit in this? Many of my users wouldn’t have the foggiest idea what the problem was or how to fix it if that were to happen to them.)

Regarding the difference between treating mp3 as a file type rather than a media type, I decided that was actually preferable. It took forever to load a page with several large embedded MP3s, and I needed a plugin in my browser to do so. It would be better if there were a built-in player for this.


Mr Papa
Simi Valley, CA

19448 Posts
Sep 29, 2012 - 9:21 am

the main reason is because that is how *nix servers deal with it…. and the majority of servers are *nix… and on those servers name.ext and name.EXT will be two different files…

understand on files vs media… is fine…

not sure why are getting that error though…  it strips off the file extension and compares it to the list..  and it does not recognize it being in the list…

So a couple questions…

what is an example file name? curious if it has mulitiple periods in it? ie name.ext or name.something.ext… shouldnt matter but collecting data…

sounds like these are large files…  perhaps they are getting corrupted on upload… or the file is larger than the size allowed by your php settings?  can you try a really small mp3?

do other files upload okay?

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