Simple:Press news

  • Beta 1 of Upgrade 4.0.2

    We have now placed a beta version of 4.0.2 on our download page for the more adventurous. We have been running the 4.0.2 code here on our support forum for some time without incident and believe it to be as stable as it can be but beta is beta so, of course, there may be […]

  • Kick-Starting Version 4.1

    While the dust has not completely settled on our Version 4.0.0 release and some more obscure bugs are still crawling out of the woodwork here and there, we are already turning our attention to Version 4.1. Early in every development cycle we take some time to trawl the code in search of anything we can […]

  • Simple:Press Forum V4.0.0 Released!

    We are very happy to announce the formal, Gold release of Simple:Press Forum V4.0.0! After several months of serious coding and testing, we feel our baby is ready for release. You can get the new version on our downloads page. We really think you will like what has been added since V3.x! Simple:Press is a […]