Simple:Press news

  • An Update on 4.1 Progress

    I am stunned to learn that it is exactly four months since we wrote Kick-Starting Version 4.1 and therefore high time for a follow up and update on progress. We had to take our eye off the ball for a few weeks because the WordPress team made some substantial engine changes to WP version 2.8 […]

  • SPF 4.0.3 Goes Beta

    The WordPress team released the first beta of their 2.8 version last night and today we have placed our own 4.0.3 update into beta. This is not a coincidence. if you run Simple:Press Forum and choose to upgrade to the new WordPress then 4.0.3 will become a must. Rest assured, it is safe to run […]

  • A New Look

    Those who visit this site from time to time will notice a new look and we hope you like it. Navigation should be a lot easier and hopefully the layout will make it easier to find what you are looking for. As with all things new we expect some teething troubles so if you come […]