Recent Changes At Simple:Press (Store, Website and Pricing Updates)

As you might be aware, Simple:Press is in the midst of a transition to new owners.  The transition is being conducted in slow, measured steps so that users are relatively unaffected by changes. However, while the first part of the transition was primarily an invisible process to most customers, we’re now at a point where […]

Simple:Press Product Updates For September 2018

We recently released some minor updates to Simple:Press and a couple of related plugins.  One update included a security fix that was responsibly reported by Blaise Fiedler on behalf of In total 3 plugins were updated.  Here is a summary of those updates: Simple:Press Core: New version Fix: Security Vulnerability that could allow […]

3rd Quarter Update for Simple:Press

Its the middle of the third quarter so we figured its time to offer up a progress report. Here is where we are with the business: Team Transition The transition to a new team is in full swing.  We’re taking it slowly – so even though there are few visible changes, there is a lot […]

Simple:Press – The Future

After much understandable concern from our users we are pleased to announce that we are now in negotiation with an established WordPress development team and the Simple:Press future is looking much brighter. Over the next week or two we hope to have the details finalised to the point where we can introduce our users to […]

5.8 Alpha Testing on Our Support Site

Starting this morning, we have begun alpha testing our latest version of the Simple:Press plugin, version 5.8. Since its an alpha version there are likely to be some issues encountered with it. But, we need to get it off our test boxes and onto a live site with real users who may use it differently […]

The Next Year at Simple:Press

There is much happening in the Simple:Press world at the moment including an upcoming 5.8 version with a completely updated API/structure; the laying down of a more robust foundation for future styling options and plans for retirement. The New API The long overdue conversion of our core API structure and objects to classes is well […]

Threading Plugin Released

After a long, long incubation period, we have at last released the first version of our new Threading plugin. This has been an often requested feature and we hope that its simplicity will fit the bill of those who want to use it. As can be seen from the illustration (shown using our Unified theme), […]

Getting Ready For PHP 7 And Other Updates

It has been a long time since a Simple:Press update but that does not mean we have been lazing about – in fact we have been running with two projects the first of which is made available today – version 5.7.4 – with perhaps most importantly, support for php7. We were pleased to discover that […]

A Pre-Christmas Simple:Press Update

While I should have been out buying Christmas gifts for my family – grandchildren now! – I was, instead, readying an update of Simple:Press – hopefully the last one of 2016. Version 5.7.3. For version 5.7.3 you will need to be updated to the new WordPress version 4.7 released earlier this week. There is also […]

Simple:Press Update 5.7.2 Now Available

The change log of just 39 items may look small but under the hood there is more going on than the list suggests. So let’s start with a few of the more important fixes. For those few users who had issues with permalinks, gravatars, myCred, or translations then there is a fix waiting for you […]