With 5.7.1 Quickly Following Behind

A few people noticed the problem we left in forum special rank assignments which, considering the entire JavaScript was rewritten in 5.7 isn’t really that bad! So – the fix for that is in 5.7.1 released today. And – as we had already completed one or two small developments a few extras have slipped in […]

Simple:Press Version 5.7 Now Available

Doesn’t time fly? Today – August 12th 2016 is the 35th anniversary of the launch of the original IBM-PC. I personally remember it pretty well as I had just started to take an interest in these new-fangled computer thingies and was slowly getting to grips with my first attempt at coding – on my much […]

With the Spring Comes Simple:Press Version 5.6.5

And the lawnmower. Winter in our part of England was so mild this year that the grass hardly stopped growing so it was good to get the mower out and give the lawn a shave. And that freshly cut-grass smell is so Spring. All of which has nothing to do with out latest Simple:Press release […]

Version 5.6.2, Birthdays and a Facelift

Doesn’t time fly by? While preparing the documentation for our new release – version 5.6.2 available now – I discovered that it is 4 years to the day we released the final beta of our new and shiny V5.0. Seems like yesterday. Well – maybe last month anyway. So not quite the 4th birthday of […]

Return of the Ape and the 5.6.1 Update

A quick update to 5.6 – 5.6.1 – has been released today to correct a small handful of things that were, shall we say, not quite right. WordPress has changed the way page titles can be generated. We missed this one. We would have found out when looking at the latest WP default theme – […]

Simple:Press Version 5.6 Released

If it is not there already, our users will soon see Simple:Press version 5.6 available in the WordPress update page alongside updates to our themes and a large number of our plugins. Please note that these are all interdependent so if you update the core Simple:Press you will need to update themes and plugins as […]

Coming Soon – Simple:Press Version 5.6

Following the release of WordPress version 4.4 today (December 8th) we are now planning our own next update for this coming Saturday – December 12th. Just a few more finishing touches and a few more tests to go. If you are an existing Simple:Press user – then please do read the notes below… Despite the […]

New Plugins: Reputation System and Search Posts By User

Reputation System We are happy to announce the release of the new Reputation System plugin. This plugin has been requested by a large number of users and we finally have it ready for initial release. This plugins adds a reputation or karma system to your forum where your users can use their reputation to add […]

And Along Comes 5.5.11

You can tell from the image that there is a certain degree of embarrassment here at needing to put out yet another update so quickly on the heels of the last one… Suffice it to say that there were a couple of broken bits and this fixes them! The main one was for new installs […]

Simple:Press Update 5.5.10 Released

Today, we have issued a new version of Simple:Press. This release is a compatibility release for WordPress 4.3. In that release, the WP developers changed how setting passwords work in WordPress for new accounts. This change was communicated to developers, however, they also updated a pluggable function for sending an email to new users with […]