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Once the Groups structure is in place you are ready to create your forums. If a group is a container for one or more forums, a forum can be viewed as a container for the topics – sometimes known as ‘threads’ – pertaining to that forum.

The forums are the principle place where your users will create topics and as with groups, it is worthwhile to spend a little time giving some thought to the best layout and sequence. Most forums will place the important and, perhaps, busiest forum near the top descending down to the less well used.

Simple:Press also supports sub-forums or child forums . These offer the user finer granularity in organizing their structure. Sub-forums act like a nested level of categories within the umbrella of their parent forum.

Creating A Forum

When you create a new forum you first select the Group it belong to. For a sub-forum, you select the forum that will be it’s parent. You can give it your Forum a name and a brief description. You may also provide each Forum with a unique, custom icon and a special message to display between the Forum heading and the topic list below it.

You must also select it’s display position from the options provided in relation to the other existing forums.

Carefully set the User Groups to the correct Permissions. If none are selected, the default permissions set for the Group will be used.

Please note that after the forum is created you may edit any of the above data. In addition, an RSS feed for the forum will be created which you can optionally redirect to a feed service such as FeedBurner. By default Forum RSS feeds encompass all of the posts in all of the topics belonging to a forum.

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