System Requirements

To run the latest versions of Simple:Press we recommend the following versions.


WordPress version 5.5.0 or newer. You can check your WordPress version in your site ‘dashboard’. It is displayed in the footer on the right hand side.

Simple:Press also requires a standard WordPress theme, not a full-site editing theme. This is because FSE themes do not respond to the ‘the_content’ filter which is used extensively in Simple:Press.


PHP version 7.4 or later including the GD graphics library.


MySQL version 5.7 or newer. Corresponding versions of MariaDB also works well.

jQuery JavaScript Library

Simple:Press requires and is only supported on the version of jQuery and the jQuery UI components supplied with your version of WordPress. Sometimes themes and plugins insist on loading their own, outdated and often incompatible versions instead of using the WordPress API. In some cases, such sources are not compatible with Simple:Press.


Simple:Press creates dynamic WordPress pages and cannot be cached in the usual manner. There are built in caching and compression features within Simple:Press. If running a caching plugin the WordPress page the forum is displayed on needs to be excluded for all types of caching in use.