Moderators and Administrators

Administrators and Moderators can be very different roles.  Additionally, a forum administrator is not necessarily a WordPress administrator and not all WordPress Administrators are forum administrators.

Forum Moderators

Unlike a Forum Administrator who can access the both the back-end administration panels and has full access to all options on the front-end a Forum Moderator has no access to the back-end forum administration panels and you can set which front-end options they are allowed access to or abilities.

Upon installation Simple:Press creates a default Usergroup for moderators of the forum  Any member can be assigned as a forum moderator simply by adding them to the moderator group. Once added to the Moderator User Group the moderator permissions can be set in the Manager Permission Sets panel.  In this panel you can set what abilities the moderators have.

After setting the moderator permissions each forum must have the moderator permission set or added to each one that will be assigned to the moderator. This gives you the ability to have moderators for individual forums or all as may be needed.

Forum Administrators

In Simple:Press a Simple:Press Forum Administrator does not have to be a WordPress Administrator. This feature allows you to make regular WordPress users Administrators of your Forum. By default the WordPress Administrator who installs Simple:Press becomes a Simple:Press forum Administrator.  If you wish to add more Simple:Press administrators you can do so in the Forum – Admin panel.

In addition,  no other WordPress Administrator is allowed access to the Forum Administration pages unless they are set up specifically for access.

Simple:Press adds additional WordPress capabilities such that Simple:Press Forum Administrators, when visiting the WordPress Administrator pages, will be able to access the Simple:Press Administrator panels, but not be able to access any of the regular WordPress Administrator pages.

Each Simple:Press Administrator panel has its own capability, so you can be very specific about which parts of the Simple:Press administration panels your Simple:Press Administrators can access. When adding a new forum Administrator you must select which forum administration panels they are allowed to access.

Although you can limit the forum administration options for Administrators all Simple:Press Forum Administrators have full access to all the available options when in the actual forum pages.  There are no specific permissions that need to be set for Administrators when in the forum front-end.