Simple:Press news

  • Administrating New Posts

    While not a tool that all forum administrators will choose to make use of for those that do the Admin Bar has undergone quite a transformation in Version 4. If you need to read every new post (as we do on our support forum) or use moderation, the Admin Bar is the most useful tool. […]

  • SPF V4.0 – Beta 3 Notes

    We are about to put Beta 3 of Simple:Press Forum Version 4.0 up for download. This mainly – as expected – fixes up the bugs and problems encountered and reported to date. If you found an error it would be appreciated if you could take Beta 3 for a spin and determine if your problem […]

  • SPF V4.0 – Beta 2 Released

    Today sees the release of Beta 2. This includes many bug fixes and problem resolutions that have been raised on the V4 Beta support forum. If you raised a problem and wish to know if Beta 2 contains the fix – visit the thread on the forum and look at the topic status. It will […]