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Importer for 4.2.2 of Simple:Press Forum to current 6.x version?

Is there an importer
Jan 30, 2020 - 8:40 pm

I am the web designer hired by sarahhyatt.csb to give her a new site. She would like to migrate her forum, which is currently housed in Simple:Press Forum v 4.2.2.  rnIs it possible to import the original data once I purchase/install/configure S:P Core Plugin (or $99 version)?rnKimberley

Simple Press
Jan 30, 2020 - 9:34 pm


We have an importer that will import data for OTHER plugins.  But we don't have an importer that will do a simple:press to simple:Press plugin.

Instead, the best course of action for updating from such an old version is to update to version 5.x of Simple:Press first and then update to version 6.x.

Note that we no longer have official support for upgrading from version 4.x to 5.x so please make sure you client has budgeted for some level of premium support just in case you can't get the upgrade to run. Also, version 5.x does require a later version of WordPress so if you're running on an older version of WordPress you might have issues there as well.